Top 4 YouTube Marketing Mistakes Made By Marketers

YouTube is a fantastic platform to use for marketing your business - if you can avoid these 4 common YouTube marketing mistakes that most people make...

YouTube Marketing Mistakes!

Mistake #1 - Thinking that after you upload your video that traffic will begin to flood your website.

More than 35 hours of videos are uploaded to YouTube every single minute, so there is a ton of competition to get your videos seen. There is an abundance of high-quality videos that never get more than a few hundred views, and some get even less than that.

What should you do? The First thing is giving your viewers video content that is tailored to what they want and not just what you want to give them. Make sure you always keep the viewer in mind during the video-making process and make sure that you put their needs and desires before yours.

Next, you have to promote your video and I mean to promote it as if your life depends on it. Do whatever you can to promote it. Social sites are great and are one of the best ways to get the word out about your new video.

And third, be patient! It takes time to come up with a good idea for a video that will interest people to watch it and want to share it with others.

One more thing, it takes time to know how to promote your video the correct way for best results. Never expect to just upload any old video and sit back and watch a flood of sales pour in.

Mistake #2 - Thinking that you are to new and inexperienced to make video marketing work for you. 

Just because you may be new and inexperienced doesn't mean that uploading videos to YouTube and promoting them can't make an impact on your business. Any business can use YouTube video marketing to its advantage, large or small doesn't matter.

Think about some of the things that you enjoy sharing with your friends and tailor your videos in that way. Even a few hundred views can bring in sales and increase your income, and if you get really lucky, your new video might become the next viral sensation.

Mistake #3 - Creating an infomercial. Online videos are all about engagement with other people, not putting out another "Buy This Amazing Product From Me" infomercial.

Think of your video as something much more than a tool for just selling your products and services. YouTube is a place where people go to watch fun content and share engaging videos. Don't just upload a 20-minute speech on why your product or service is the best. No-one will want to watch it.

Instead, infuse your videos with some pizzazz and personality. Make it fun to watch. Make your videos funny, emotional, and educational, or all three combined. Ask yourself this question: "If I watched this video, would I like to share it with my family and friends? If the answer is yes then great, you're done. If not, you need to keep working on your concept.

Your videos should be designed to grab your viewers’ attention and keep them entranced.

Your videos should be short. People have very short attention spans, so it is best to keep your videos at less than 5 minutes. This can be difficult if you have a lot of information to convey but try to keep your videos as short as possible. Your video should ultimately leave the viewer feeling GLAD they saw your video. They should never feel glad the video is over.

Mistake #4 - Trying too much.

Most people think that they need to spend a ton of money to get a professional video created. The truth is an amateur video will be just as good, if not better.

People, in general, don't need slick productions to get enjoyment or education from a video. People always prefer to watch videos that show real people doing things. It makes them feel as if they can do it too.

For illustration purposes, think of a smooth-talking car salesman trying to get you to buy from him. Be honest! Isn't he an instant turn off? Now I want you to think of a typical nice person who has a car for sale. She or he tells you that it's a good car, but not the greatest on gas mileage and the air conditioner doesn't blow the coldest air. Who would you trust more?

Or think about someone who is desperately trying to impress you with their knowledge on a subject and how they know everything, in comparison to the average typical person who admits that they make mistakes and often times say and do the wrong thing. Who would you like more?

The bottom line is this: Always create videos to market your products and services on YouTube and to get people to your Blog or Website. Do not expect your videos to get millions of views overnight without a huge promotion. Always be yourself when making videos, and ALWAYS keep your viewers in mind during every step of your video creation. 

Make sure you don't make these 4 YouTube marketing mistakes and you'll be ahead.

Mark Arnold
My name is Mark Arnold and I am a full-time online marketer and blogger. I'm just an average guy who has a passion for helping other people to start their own profitable online business and improve their financial future.

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