10 Tips On Writing A Blog Post In 30 Minutes Or Less

If you believe that you cannot create good content quickly, then think again. That's because you now have 10 tips on writing a blog post in less time than you thought possible. Read on...

No matter the type of business you run online, you more than likely have a blog. And if you already have a blog, then you know that you need lots of content.

But here is the problem you are more than likely facing...

It can take lots of time to create quality content on a consistent basis. If you outsource your content creation, then it's going to cost you money. Either way, it's a big investment creating content on a regular basis.

Until now...

So Let's get started with the 10 Tips right now...

1. Create Blog Posts Out Of PLR

I listed this one first because of all the tips on writing a blog post in this article, this is the one that you can implement over and over with ease.

Oftentimes you can find PLR (private label rights) articles that you will only have to slightly tweak and will be able to post onto your blog. You can take excerpts from your PLR e-books or reports, and then you can post those excerpts directly to your blog. In both cases, it will only take you just a few minutes to create a unique article that you can post to your blog for your readers.

Here are a few other ways to create content by using PLR:

  • Use transcripts from PLR videos to create unique articles for your blog. The transcripts are sometimes included with the PLR package but if they are not you can create them on your own.

This can be easy to do if the PLR videos come with slides included. You can use the content in the slides to create your article. You can take excerpts from three or four PLR articles to create an entirely new article. Speaking of excerpts...

2. Take Excerpts From Your Products

Obviously, this is a very fast way to produce a unique article. The bonus of this strategy is that you will be able to insert a quick pitch at the end of your blog post, promoting the full product.

Here are two ways that you can use these excerpts:

1. One way is to take excerpts directly from the product, construct an introduction along with a conclusion, and then post to your blog.

For instance, let's say that you have an article that lists 10 ways for someone to cut calories. What you can do is excerpt three or four ways and create your article. Then you can promote the paid report at the end of the article as the source for the rest of the great strategies.

2. You can cut out some of the details from your excerpts so that your readers will be interested in getting the full details and want to buy the product you are promoting.

Let's use the article with the ten strategies as an example again. This time you will use all ten strategies, but you will cut out a few of the main details. This way your readers will have an article that lists what they should do but does not give them the full instructions on how to actually do it. They will have to buy the product to receive the full instructions.

Next is...

3. Make A List Of Links

A list of links can come in several different types of formats, including:

  • A gear list. These are the tools that you use and highly recommend to others. These tools save beginners time and money because they won't have to research as much. For instance, you can make a list of all the plugins that you use and have installed on your blog. If you are writing to people who are into fitness, you can make a list of all the supplements they should be taking.
  • List of free resources. Here you can link to articles, videos, blog posts and any other free sources of material that may help your readers achieve a certain goal.
  • List of resources. In this instance, you would write a brief review of all the resources to let everyone know all of the benefits.
  • A balance of free and paid resources. For instance, "The Top 10 Books Every New Entrepreneur Ought to Read."

Once again, the whole point is to save time for your readers because you will have done some of the work and research for them. It is so much easier to get content and recommendations from one trusted source in one place, instead of trying to find sources and products for yourself and have to divide the good from the bad.

This is one of the easiest tips on writing a blog post in this list.

Next up...

4. Go Over Your Recent Posts

The whole point here is in creating an "in the event you missed these" list of all the best posts on your blog from the last few weeks or months. Needless to say, you don't have to list just the blog posts. Rather, you can organize your own content and curate it across all your social media accounts and other platforms.

An alternative method would be to curate your most recent and best content about a very precise topic. 

For instance:

  • Four Blog Posts That Reveal The Truth About The Paleo Diet
  • The Five Things Every Beginner Marketer Needs In Order To Succeed
  • Three Ways To Raise Your IQ

All you will need to do is write an introduction, list all of the resources and explain briefly why someone should read them, and close it by writing a conclusion.

Next up…

5. Interview Somebody

Here is a fantastic way of creating content quickly: Let the other person create it for you. In this instance, write a list of questions and email them to your interviewee. Their answers will now become your article. Your interviewee will get a little bio in exchange, with a link to their site.

Here is an example of an email that you could send to get an interview...

Subject Line: I would like to have you featured on my blog, [name]

Hi [first name of person]

My name is [Your Name], and I operate the popular [type of] blog at [your blogs domain]. The reason that I am writing you today is that I would like to interview you and have this interview featured on my blog. The interview will only be [number of] questions and will only take roughly [number of] minutes to complete.

In return, you will receive a bio at the end of the article with a link back to your website, and exposure to my [number of] visitors and readers. I will also send out the article link to all my [number of] social media followers and [number of] email subscribers.

If you believe that this seems like a great way to showcase your brand and business to a targeted audience, just get back to me and I will send you the questions right away.

I look forward to your reply!

[sign off]


Don't forget: the easier you make it for the other person to comply with your request, the chances that they will say yes is much greater. So, don't take up too much of your interviewee's time by making them have to answer questions for hours. Instead, send them a few quick questions that they will be able to answer in just a few minutes. After if you need more information, just send a few follow up questions.

This is why...

When someone has already answered your initial questions, they already feel invested and committed. So, if you need a few more minutes for them to answer a few more questions, they will likely say yes.

6. Tweak An Older Article

The next step is to go through some of your existing content and find popular posts that you can tweak and republish the new version.

For instance:

  • If you had published a list of 12 tips before, just excerpt out five or six of those tips, add to them, and then you can republish the new version.
  • Update older articles with newer information, such as new studies and research that came after you originally published them.
  • If you changed your opinion about a topic or a product you can update the older article with your new opinion.

These are only 3 ways that you can turn your existing content into something new. Remember to be creative, and you will be able to create new articles from older ones with ease.

7. Turn Your Existing Content Into an Infographic

Another excellent way you can quickly create content is to just change the content you already have into another format. One way you can do this is to turn one of your articles into an infographic.

Here are a few examples of articles that could be turned into good infographics:

  • Any article listing several ways to boost the conversion rates of a website.
  • An article that details how to grow your email list.
  • An article detailing the structure of a complete sales funnel beginning with the front end and going through all the up-sells and down-sells.

Make sure that your infographic has social media buttons beside it because people really like to share infographics.

8. Ask A Vendor For Content

If you are an affiliate for any kind of service or product, then one of the easiest ways for you to get free content is to simply ask the product vendor to supply you with it.

Make sure to check out the affiliate page first. This is the place that the vendor will supply affiliates with follow-up emails, sales material and even blog posts. You always want to have and use content that is unique. Most of the other affiliates will more than likely just copy and paste the articles that were supplied straight to their blogs, so never go to the blog post section first. Rather, take a look at the other content that was supplied, such as the follow-up emails and any reports that were included. Look for anything that you can use and ask the vendor if it would be alright for you to modify a report by taking an excerpt out of it.

If you can't find anything on the affiliate page that you want to use, simply ask the vendor if they have any other content you could use. Most vendors will supply you with exclusive content if you already have a good track record as being a good affiliate and making a lot of sales.

Here is one of the most effective ways to get unique content and promote an affiliate product at the same: ask the product vendor for an interview. Vendors will usually agree to be interviewed because of the exposure and sales that can be generated from interviews. You can do a short podcast or webinar and post a text version of the interview on your blog.

9. Do Video Posts

We have only been talking about creating written articles so far. However, you can actually get away with not having to write anything at all. Rather, use a camera and record a video on whatever topic you want. Even a webcam is fine to use.

You can even just record an audio file for a podcast with an inexpensive microphone. No expensive equipment or software is needed. Audacity is a software that will allow you to record and edit audio. You can download Audacity for free at https://www.audacityteam.org.

Here are a few examples of what you can do:

  • Record a video of you talking about your topic such as your five top exercises for ripped abs.
  • Record yourself reviewing a product.
  • Demonstrate on video how to get a dog to listen to your commands or whatever it is that you teach.

If you want to demonstrate something on your computer screen, such as how to use certain software, you can use any screen-recording software like Camtasia or Screenflow.

When finished recording you would just have to upload your video to YouTube, and then embed the video to your blog.

10. Use Your Emails

Your emails can be a great source for creating unique articles. There are two ways you can do this:

  1. If you send out a broadcast or article out to your mailing list you can post this content to your blog. Tell your subscribers that you posted the content to your blog as well and then urge them to discuss the topic on your blog in the comments section.
  2. If you answer a reader’s question and you think that it might be a good post topic, use it. Obviously, you are not going to use the reader's identity. Rather, you can say something along these lines at the start of your post...

"Almost every couple of weeks, I get emails asking me the same question over and over. Read on and see whether you have ever wanted to know this too..."


I hope that these 10 tips for writing a blog post in 30 minutes or less, help you realize that you really don't have to spend lots of time creating unique content. You will only need about 30 minutes at most and you will have an article ready to be posted on your blog.

Actually, I believe you could create an article now and post it to your blog immediately. Go and use these tactics for yourself and see how easily and quickly you can create great content.

Mark Arnold
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